Sunday, March 25, 2012


Weird Junk! We don't remember where most of this came from so im just gonna put it in 2 big ole lumps. For the record, I have no idea where zucchini came from...

Cellular Dodo:
“The first day I got it, it got all pointy”
“Don’t tell me these don’t look like Hershey's chocolates”
“When you do that I’m gonna have to like remember everything”
“You misspelled high again”
“Cause we - *cough cough* - we’re high on life, that sounds like a country song”
“My lip just got a little numb”
“Your eyebrow skin is really creeping me out”
“I undid my lip for that”
“Wanna play supernatural hide and seek”
“Dude this knee is a computer and that one is a book”
“Can I lick you?”
“Lizard Mr. Lizard”
“That looks nothing like a bird”
“Short person doing underdog”
“You hit me with a band aid, now I need that bandaid.”
“Is that a pear or a bomb?”

Floating Penguin:
“Folder achew, achew, achew...”
“You just blew in my eye”
“Cause I’m trying not to try”
“We’re high on life”
“NO, you stupid nesquick bunny come back here”
“The muffin man did not steal your muffin!”
“You squashed my broccoli!”
“We’re talking tout raplapla”
“Throwing a bitch”
“Go inside, my purple notebook is wear my purple notebook always is. Get my phone”
“Helen in her tux and Mark in his little formal”
“What?! Three legged priest? Where’d you get that from!?”
“How is a gourd supposed to work?”

-Floating Penguin, and Cellular Dodo

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