Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nothing Better To Do

1. I really need to stop watching Heroes marathons cos the rush of informations at such a late hour makes me freak out and post.
2. Spoiler Alert: season 3 episode 11.
3. I hate Elle. Twice she's helped Gabriel act nice and sweet and controll his powers and then she just HAD to go and make him evil again.
4. I don't like Mr. Petrelli either cos he made Hiro forget 18 years of his life do now he's 10. Not to mention taking away Peter's powers and making Daphne all paranoid and junk.
5. I have no life...
6. Seriously, if the only thing I have to post about is me watching old SciFi then my life is gone.
7. Eclipse, Claire got shot and can't heal! Ahh!!! No, Claire, don't die!
8. Why in the world was Hiro just throwing ears of corn at Matt...?
9. Mohinder is no longer a snake, wahoo!
10. Oh my god! Oz from Buffy just cameod! (Seth Green) I speak nerd, so yeah. And all nerds speak the same language so any nerds out there will understand at least some of this post.
-Floating Penguin

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