Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mrs. Beanie Cat. The Song.

Well I, Floating Penguin, wore a hat with cat ears today. Cellular Dodo named me Mrs. Beanie Cat. He wont stop singing that now. Currently he is searching for treasure with a tennis ball and he sounds like s total idiot. Seriously, you should be hear. I would be typing everything he says, but it's far too much. Apparently the sound of treasure turns him on. Anyway it's Sunday, so here comes random junk!

Me at school, don't remember the circumstances:
“You take the spoon out and you put it in someone’s mouth”
“Apparently they have space aids too”
“triplet Nazis ate the tissues”
“Oh my god, it’s a hand!”
“No it’s a wall, it doesn’t look like a taco”

Him at Chili's:
“The mayonnaise was the best part, but we haven’t gotten to that part yet.”
“I can’t run retarded without having retard hands”
“Someone was carrying a fajita around the restaurant”

Just now:
Floating Penguin:
“Cause that could happen without your backpack setting on fire.”
“Wait her chair was on fire?”

Cellular Dodo:
“I was like jittering up”
“Mrs. Beanie Cat. What was that?”
"No, there has treasure under there. See! But no, yes, no, yes.”
“Treasure! More Treasure!”

FP “Ah! No! Ah! Double sided pencil!”
CD “My brother makes those every day”

At Zombie Slayer's house:
“America’s most trusted condom”
“Die die die love”

With my other bloggers at my house:
“This should be treated like a newborn child and not dropped that often”
“It takes a village to kill a binder”

“Stop putting your foot in your food, you’re leaving enchilada footprints”
“No, Layla stop licking the milk carton, Andre got sick from doing that”

-Floating Penguin
With Featured Writer, Cellular Dodo

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