Friday, March 16, 2012


Watching Heros, season 3 episode 3. I. Am such. A nerd. Anyway, if you happen to watch the show, but are not caught up yet: spoiler allert! Ok so mind=blown. I just found out that Sylar is one of Mrs. Petrelli's apparently three!! Sons. Wow. Did not see that one coming. Which makes Gabriel Claire's uncle! And Nathan's brother and Peter's brother! And Since Claire is adopted by Noah and he hates Sylar/Gabriel it's gonna make it really awkward now that Noah/Mr. Bennett/Horn Rimmed Glasses Guy was just partnered with him. Not to mention that Matt is spontaneously in Africa and Mohinder injected himself with the super-power-possibly-lethal-injection and is hanging from the ceiling and flirting with Maya and now he has these little, well actually they're quite large, holes in his back. Oh and future Peter is mean and current Peter is trapped in some magical convict's body. Why is it that the cute ones are bad? Well, Gabriel is acting pretty decent now, but his character is really good at acting so he might be faking the nice thing. It's moments like this when I really see how geeky I am. But hey, "even loosers can get lucky sometimes. All the freaks on a winning streak. Shout it all around the world cause the geeks get the girls"
-Floating Penguin

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