Sunday, March 25, 2012


Weird Junk! We don't remember where most of this came from so im just gonna put it in 2 big ole lumps. For the record, I have no idea where zucchini came from...

Cellular Dodo:
“The first day I got it, it got all pointy”
“Don’t tell me these don’t look like Hershey's chocolates”
“When you do that I’m gonna have to like remember everything”
“You misspelled high again”
“Cause we - *cough cough* - we’re high on life, that sounds like a country song”
“My lip just got a little numb”
“Your eyebrow skin is really creeping me out”
“I undid my lip for that”
“Wanna play supernatural hide and seek”
“Dude this knee is a computer and that one is a book”
“Can I lick you?”
“Lizard Mr. Lizard”
“That looks nothing like a bird”
“Short person doing underdog”
“You hit me with a band aid, now I need that bandaid.”
“Is that a pear or a bomb?”

Floating Penguin:
“Folder achew, achew, achew...”
“You just blew in my eye”
“Cause I’m trying not to try”
“We’re high on life”
“NO, you stupid nesquick bunny come back here”
“The muffin man did not steal your muffin!”
“You squashed my broccoli!”
“We’re talking tout raplapla”
“Throwing a bitch”
“Go inside, my purple notebook is wear my purple notebook always is. Get my phone”
“Helen in her tux and Mark in his little formal”
“What?! Three legged priest? Where’d you get that from!?”
“How is a gourd supposed to work?”

-Floating Penguin, and Cellular Dodo

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sargent McChiken Bites Died In Battle!

Our dear and cherished friend, Sargent McChiken Bites died in battle against a dreaded math test. It was a tragic acident of which Glitterific Ostrich noticed and proclaimed that he was dead. It is a sad day and he will forever live on in loving memory. He was at math counts and wouldn't respond to our texts. There's only one solution: he's dead. We shall now mourn his loss...HE'S ALIVE! He responded to our texts, but the math test still won the battle. This means he is heavily wounded and might not make it.
-Floating Penguin

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nothing Better To Do

1. I really need to stop watching Heroes marathons cos the rush of informations at such a late hour makes me freak out and post.
2. Spoiler Alert: season 3 episode 11.
3. I hate Elle. Twice she's helped Gabriel act nice and sweet and controll his powers and then she just HAD to go and make him evil again.
4. I don't like Mr. Petrelli either cos he made Hiro forget 18 years of his life do now he's 10. Not to mention taking away Peter's powers and making Daphne all paranoid and junk.
5. I have no life...
6. Seriously, if the only thing I have to post about is me watching old SciFi then my life is gone.
7. Eclipse, Claire got shot and can't heal! Ahh!!! No, Claire, don't die!
8. Why in the world was Hiro just throwing ears of corn at Matt...?
9. Mohinder is no longer a snake, wahoo!
10. Oh my god! Oz from Buffy just cameod! (Seth Green) I speak nerd, so yeah. And all nerds speak the same language so any nerds out there will understand at least some of this post.
-Floating Penguin

Friday, March 16, 2012


Watching Heros, season 3 episode 3. I. Am such. A nerd. Anyway, if you happen to watch the show, but are not caught up yet: spoiler allert! Ok so mind=blown. I just found out that Sylar is one of Mrs. Petrelli's apparently three!! Sons. Wow. Did not see that one coming. Which makes Gabriel Claire's uncle! And Nathan's brother and Peter's brother! And Since Claire is adopted by Noah and he hates Sylar/Gabriel it's gonna make it really awkward now that Noah/Mr. Bennett/Horn Rimmed Glasses Guy was just partnered with him. Not to mention that Matt is spontaneously in Africa and Mohinder injected himself with the super-power-possibly-lethal-injection and is hanging from the ceiling and flirting with Maya and now he has these little, well actually they're quite large, holes in his back. Oh and future Peter is mean and current Peter is trapped in some magical convict's body. Why is it that the cute ones are bad? Well, Gabriel is acting pretty decent now, but his character is really good at acting so he might be faking the nice thing. It's moments like this when I really see how geeky I am. But hey, "even loosers can get lucky sometimes. All the freaks on a winning streak. Shout it all around the world cause the geeks get the girls"
-Floating Penguin

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I, the Extremely Tall Person, Shall Hide Behind You, the Average Sized Person

The past few days have been exhausting. The CIA finally found me & forgave me about the mission. I just got back from HQ in Atlantis & I would love to tell you what happened, but they won't let me. (I tried to tell them that I was going to tell only a few people, but they didn't believe me.) instead I will tell you what they told me to tell everyone.
Friday: I was blessed to go to the high school dance with Floating Penguin & Purple Cupcake Monster. On our way to FP's house & the gym, PCM sat in my little sisters booster seat, which my mom was fine about. When we got there a sophomore, who shall be nicknamed Pedo Sr., decided to mess with Bottomless Pit & his friend, Torlet Munster, which I think might have scared them. Also, FP's buddy's boyfriend, Wild Monkey on Steroids, decided to join our group of people. While Bottomless Pit hid behind PCM & covered his eyes, Torlet Munster was chased by WMoS around the gym. There were other funny things that happened at the dance, but that's to many to name. PCM & I then got to sleep over at FP's house & PCM was the first to go to sleep. FP & I then had the idea to play loud music in her ear to try & wake her up. This didn't work, so FP said to just leave her & we went to sleep in the living room.
Saturday: Somehow, PCM woke up in the middle of the night & came & found us. When FP & I woke up, we found her & FP tried to wake her up. First she threw a pillow at her & when that didn't work she said that we had food & she instantly sat up. After we finally got situated, she told us that. In her dream, we died. There was also a blessing from above. We were rewarded to clean out PCM's binder & create a heart. The heart was fun to make, but the binder wasn't that fun. One of the things that I said bout babies is mentioned in FP's most recent post. Sunday: Nothing, absolutely nothing.
Monday:I can confess that I don't remember what happened.
Today: Weirdest dream, my school was becoming posh & had extended the library staircase into the ground. I ended up getting lost in this weird old brick thing with Shiny Feather & as we tried to escape, she knocked down our way out & ended up working out with Goldfish & some train sets. I actually slept in while this was going on & when my mom came to my room to see if I was awake, I jumped. The rest of my day is a jumble of learning that I can't remember half of. So there is my past few days as the CIA told me to tell everyone. I shall also post a picture of our giant, trashy (literally) heart as soon as it is fully assembled.
-Glitteriffic Ostrich
P.S.- This title refers to when Bottomless Pit hid behind Purple Cupcake Monster

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mrs. Beanie Cat. The Song.

Well I, Floating Penguin, wore a hat with cat ears today. Cellular Dodo named me Mrs. Beanie Cat. He wont stop singing that now. Currently he is searching for treasure with a tennis ball and he sounds like s total idiot. Seriously, you should be hear. I would be typing everything he says, but it's far too much. Apparently the sound of treasure turns him on. Anyway it's Sunday, so here comes random junk!

Me at school, don't remember the circumstances:
“You take the spoon out and you put it in someone’s mouth”
“Apparently they have space aids too”
“triplet Nazis ate the tissues”
“Oh my god, it’s a hand!”
“No it’s a wall, it doesn’t look like a taco”

Him at Chili's:
“The mayonnaise was the best part, but we haven’t gotten to that part yet.”
“I can’t run retarded without having retard hands”
“Someone was carrying a fajita around the restaurant”

Just now:
Floating Penguin:
“Cause that could happen without your backpack setting on fire.”
“Wait her chair was on fire?”

Cellular Dodo:
“I was like jittering up”
“Mrs. Beanie Cat. What was that?”
"No, there has treasure under there. See! But no, yes, no, yes.”
“Treasure! More Treasure!”

FP “Ah! No! Ah! Double sided pencil!”
CD “My brother makes those every day”

At Zombie Slayer's house:
“America’s most trusted condom”
“Die die die love”

With my other bloggers at my house:
“This should be treated like a newborn child and not dropped that often”
“It takes a village to kill a binder”

“Stop putting your foot in your food, you’re leaving enchilada footprints”
“No, Layla stop licking the milk carton, Andre got sick from doing that”

-Floating Penguin
With Featured Writer, Cellular Dodo

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Shall Rule The World With My Song Money!

Back by popular demand (JK, because barley anyone ever reads this blog). Many of you may be wondering why I haven't been posting in a while. This is because I have had too much homework, projects and tests. Did you believe in that excuse, I didn't think so. I have actually been on an extremely hard secret task from the CIA. But midway through the mission, I told them that I had to go back to school & they got mad at me & abandoned me in the South American Jungle, alone and with very little resources. But as you can tell, I made it out safely. Though, what I did want to tell you today is that Floating Penguin and I are going to become billionaires. This is how our conversation went:

Me: Can you help me with my French song?

FP: Sure, what's yours about?

Me: I'm not sure yet

FP: Well choose a topic

Me: There are no limits?

FP: Dude, mine is about Calcifer

Me: K, mine will be about the tardis


Me: I emailed you the final piece

FP: It's awesome

Me: Thanks, what's yours look like?

FP: Peut tout de bacon votre brûler!
Je ne peux pas cuisiner.
Le maître dormiez.
Pas maison, pas moulin, mais châteaux.

Je m'appelle Calcifer.
Et il est Howl.
Sophie faire le ménage.
Et il cuisine.
Je suis un démon du feu

mon cul est son cœur
la méchante sorcière a essayé de le voler
Elle est vieille et gourmand
(Translation: May all your bacon burn!
I can not cook.
The master slept.
No house, no mill, but castles.
My name is Calcifer.
And it is Howl.
Sophie to clean.
And he cooks.
I am a fire demon

My ass is his heart
The wicked witch tried to steal
She is old and greedy)
I'm not done yet

Me: its funny

FP: Why thank you

Me: You should send it to a French song producer & ask them to have a famous person sing it

FP: Haha so should you!
Me: Totally, then one year when we travel to Europe there will be French people singing our songs

FP: Uh ya

Me: But, someone is gonna take credit for our work & then we will have to hunt them down & claim the rights of the songs

FP: This is rue

Me: But he will definitely give us the song rights because we are more AWESOMEST then him (& yes, my phone auto-corrected me for "AWESOMEST")

FP: This is also true

Me: & we then can build a vast new empire with our new fortune

And if you must know, my song went like this
Quelque chose de vieux,
Quelque chose de nouveau,
Quelque chose d'emprunté,
Et quelque chose de bleu

Cela peut sembler petite,
Ce n'est pas ce qu'il semble.
Mais il est grand à l'intérieur quitter,
Pas à être méchant.

Avec toutes les aventures,
Il ya un grand récit d'être racontée.
Des grands peuples,
Et les civilisations de l'ancien.

Cela peut sembler petite,
Ce n'est pas ce qu'il semble.
Mais il est grand à l'intérieur quitter,
Pas à être méchant.

Which translates to
Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
And something blue

This may seem small,
This is not what it seems.
But it is big inside out,
Not to be mean.

With all the adventures,
There is a great story to be told.
Of great peoples,
And civilizations of the old.

This may seem small,
This is not what it seems.
But it is big inside out,
Not to be mean.

I know that it’s really bad, but it is worth 10 extra points in French, which is quite hard.

This is for all you incompetent fools out there who don’t know who Calcifer is or what the TARDIS is.
This is the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space)
And this is Calcifer
-Glitteriffic Ostrich

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I'm Not Gay

Well first off, I'm not gay. Secondly, my father just said to me, "When you come out we can talk,". Now in context this made perfect sense. I'm about to go to Zombie Slayer's house and I was in my room packing and getting dressed. He asked me if I had gotten in touch with her, I said I hadn't cos her phone got taken away. That's when he told me, "When you come out we can talk," meaning when I leave my room we can discuss letting her know we were on our way.
-Floating Penguin