Monday, April 30, 2012

Stupid Pinkaponians

Lately Glitterific Ostrich and I have been watching an anime called Sgt. Frog, it's awesome. This means that we've using some of that terminology. For example: calling humans Pinkaponians and Earth Pinkapon and saying "what the frog?" Anyway me and her were sitting on the ground during break today and these few morons from our grade start tackling each other right next to us and Awkward Owl comes up and says "To think, it was this species who went into space" it's very sad when you realize how stupid some Pinkaponians are.
-Floating Penguin.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sleep Juggling Kittens

So Yesterday during History class Buttery Blueberry,Glitterific Ostrich, Sargent McChiken Bites, and I were having various conversations while trying to find important people and vocab words in the chapter. So we're all pretty much on the same page with the words (no pun intended) and I think we were looking for religious fervor and randomly Buttery Blueberry blurts out
"my arms really hurt and I have no idea why"
and I say something along the lines of "well what did you do?"
BB "I don't know"
FP "well we're you...I don't know eating kittens?"
GO "I don't think eating kittens would hurt your arms"
SMCB "Juggling kittens would hurt your arms though"
BB "I don't remember juggling any kittens"
GO "maybe it was in your sleep"
BB "sleep juggling kittens? Hmm..."
FP "I'm pretty sure sleep juggling kittens would hurt your arms"
GO "yes, it would"
FP *writes Sleep Kitten Juggling on her hand to remind her to write a post about it later*
We all laughted and went about our merry way. And I don't really know why I started talking in third person for a minute there, but ok.
-Floating Penguin

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Song Genre Analysis

With the help of my people I was able to formulate some generic lyrics grouped roughly by genres. . .
Country (male):
Ohh my beer! My dooog! My woman who left me. So sad... MY TRACTOR!!!
I trusted him for no aparent reason. He was so sweet to me, but then he screwed me over and now I'm lonely.

Mainstream pop/hip hop/rap/whatever you know why I mean (male):
Club club club. Shawty shawty shawty. DJ DJ DJ. Light fixtures. Light fixtures. Rapping rapping rapping rapping rapping. *repeat previous lyrics*
*unintelligible non singing*

Rock (male):
Metaphorical monsters and daemons! I've been hurt! But then this awesome chick saved me from depression, then she got too drunk and fell into a coma and died…
There was this guy and he screwed me over ad then a chick died cos he screwed her over at the same time.

Punk (male):
I'm rebelling against mainstream society! Yeah! And this chick! She's hot, cos she's rebelling with me!
I had a terrible childhood cos all those kids On the play ground, they were messing with me. Not to mention how my parents treated me. Everyone thought I was messed up for life and totally irreparable, but I'm gonna fight them and live my life!

This post was purely for laughs, not to diss any music or anything, so don't take offense to it.
-Floating Penguin

No New Pseudonyms, I'm Too Lazy

Please excuse my absence, I have been in Colorado & it's terrible reception limits the amount of time that I can get on the Internet. But fear not, I shall try to summaries my wels adventure. Out of all the 3 days that I went skiing, I only fell once & that was because of the terrible conditions. While I was going to the chair lift, I hit a ice/water puddle that my skis got stuck in. I shot forward & hurt most of my body. This next part was super stupid. I decided to text my old friend L, right now, I'm too lazy to create a pseudonym. When I decided to pull a prank on him. I texted him saying that I have the body, but it's all cut up. Them I asked him how I was supposed to taxidermise it & he took it seriously & said that he called the police. This caused me to freak out, so I contacted Floating Penguin & asked her for help. (she had to explain to me that he was joking, Zombie slayer and her had already been there done that with Umbrella Theif) She went all out on him. He then decides that he'll "call off the police" if I send him pics of me. When I tell FP bout this, she gets at him about how blackmail is the only way that he could ever get a girl, which scares him & he backs off. He then repays my by getting a video of himself in ropes saying that he's sorry. I think it's petty, but it's on his Facebook. That's about all that happened to me over break, but I did get my graduation dress, which looks amazing.

-Glitterific Ostrich

Saturday, April 7, 2012


So...I'm sick. For those of you who feel attached to me it's nothing serious, but hatters gonna hate, and if you feel that strongly for me and need to hate, hate on Buttery Blueberry. I'm pretty sure he's to blame for this. "Blame Buttery Blueberry". On a note that is no lighter than this one: Glitterific Ostrich and Purple Cupcake Monster have abandoned me during this spring break of ours. They have ventured north and left me to rot down here in desease ridden Louisiana. I have occupied my lonely time by painting various surfaces. First I painted an originally bright pink flower and I would totaly put in a photo of it, but my phone's being an idiot so there! It's sorta a blackish-greyish-pinkish color. And I painted on a canvas (I'm trying to paint a rose, but the background was taking too long to dry) and since I got bored I painted my nails bright yeah. That was my day.
-Floating Penguin