Saturday, April 14, 2012

Song Genre Analysis

With the help of my people I was able to formulate some generic lyrics grouped roughly by genres. . .
Country (male):
Ohh my beer! My dooog! My woman who left me. So sad... MY TRACTOR!!!
I trusted him for no aparent reason. He was so sweet to me, but then he screwed me over and now I'm lonely.

Mainstream pop/hip hop/rap/whatever you know why I mean (male):
Club club club. Shawty shawty shawty. DJ DJ DJ. Light fixtures. Light fixtures. Rapping rapping rapping rapping rapping. *repeat previous lyrics*
*unintelligible non singing*

Rock (male):
Metaphorical monsters and daemons! I've been hurt! But then this awesome chick saved me from depression, then she got too drunk and fell into a coma and died…
There was this guy and he screwed me over ad then a chick died cos he screwed her over at the same time.

Punk (male):
I'm rebelling against mainstream society! Yeah! And this chick! She's hot, cos she's rebelling with me!
I had a terrible childhood cos all those kids On the play ground, they were messing with me. Not to mention how my parents treated me. Everyone thought I was messed up for life and totally irreparable, but I'm gonna fight them and live my life!

This post was purely for laughs, not to diss any music or anything, so don't take offense to it.
-Floating Penguin

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