Sunday, September 30, 2012


I am greatly sorry that there has been no activity here for almost a month. I've forgot, I don't know about Floating Penguin & Purple Cupcake Monster rarely posts. This Saturday I'm supposed to be going to the 13 gate in Baton Rouge, LA. I will try to make a post about these events. In the mean time, enjoy the blank void that this blog has become.

-Gliteriffic Ostrich

Saturday, September 8, 2012

We Could be a Soap Opera

Once upon a time there a faire maden named Floating Penguin. She endevored to be a bard with her dear cousin Cellular Dodo. As they were writing atop the scecond story of their grandmother's house with FP's family friend Silent Therapist (she's an awful therapist) CD told the story of how he was friend zoned by his love, Friendzoning Fish. There was then proclaiming that FP and Spastic Guppy both knew that that would happen. CD said he wanted to get a girlfriend before SG did, just so he could rub it in his face. FP proceeded to call a multitude of her friends to see if one of them would date CD. Eventually one agreed to. You know her, you might love her, our very own Glitterific Ostrich! That was entertaining. During the process of FP trying to find CD a girlfriend he proclaimed that he would try to get FP to date SG. Why? We're not sure. However, we do know that SG might probably have a secret crush on the faire maiden Floating Penguin.  She eventually gave into his demands and agreed to try it. However! Spastic Guppy wanted to date someone "his own age". I would like to now point out that FP and GO and PCM are all a good 18 months older than CD and SG. FP was relieved not to have to deal with all of that. A few days later CD dumped GO for similar reasons. The lot of us had a good laugh about this and CD DID manage to make SG jealous with his older woman. 

-Floating Penguin 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Random Shlit

Recently, I went to dance "camp". It wasn't a camp like what the cheerleaders go to, it was just to learn the choreography. Anyways, one of the days, our supervisor was talking to someone & mentioned Violent Butterfly's mom. She said that his mom got a job at LHS & he was gonna go there. I freaked out because he is kinda annoying. So, that Friday, Purple Cupcake Monster & I went to see The Wolves in the Walls, a play that Floating Penguin was helping backstage in. While we were waiting for the play to start, I told her about what happened to Violent Butterfly & she decided to ask him if it was true, since she tolerated him. This sentence is off topic, but in the play, they had cupcakes & didn't eat them on stage & I told PCM & she looked so shocked. At intermission, one of the characters sat by us & she asked her if the cupcakes were real & they were. She told me "I told you" & confused the girl. Anyways, back to the main topic. After FLoating Penguin finished cleaning up the set & came to meet us & Man Who Does Not Exist, we told her the news & she was excited. PCM still didn't get why we liked this & we had to explain that we still didn't fully forgive him for the thing he did, but she had already forgiven him for it. The next day, we went to Floating Penguin's grandparents house for breakfast & went to get CC's coffee with Cellular Dodo. On the way back, we saw Violent Butterfly. After we talked a little bit, we headed back. Floating Penguin then said that she would miss him, but I said that I still had mixed feelings (The entire walk to CC's was recorded in a podcast by Floating Penguin). Yesterday, I decided to put some nail stickers on. They turned out to have butterflies on them. I noticed this after I put some of them on & declared that I subconsciously miss him. Second story: Our history square consists of Sargent McChicken Bites, Buttery Blueberry, Floating Penguin & I. We have been meaning to get together since Buttery Blueberry & I got back from camp. Then Floating Penguin went to camp. When she got back, we tried to get together & it failed. Yesterday I noticed that over the summer I got to see FP & I saw Buttery Blueberry at camp. Floating Penguin got to see me Friday & went on a date with Buttery Blueberry on Thursday. I then noticed that I have only seen the people in our history square that are staying at AES & haven't seen Sargent McChicken Bites, who is switching schools. This is sad.

-Gliteriffic Ostrich

P.S.- I got "Shlit" from a video from YouTuber Onision. You should look him up. But don't if you aren't a fan of excessive cursing.

Friday, July 20, 2012

My Newest Friend, the Internet!

I'm so so sorry that i haven't posted in like 2 months, but I have a legit reason. I was at camp for nearly the whole month of June & when I got home, I had to unpack my new house. Then came summer reading, which caused me to stay in my house for weeks, rarely leaving. Then i made a new best friend, the Internet. I created a YouTube account, which now causes me to get nothing done every day. Adding Facebook and Netflix into this, I never leave the house and hate doing any kind of work. But I did find the most amazingest show ever, called Firefly. It's in a similar category as Doctor Who, but sooooo short lived. It's only 14 episodes about an hour long. If you get really into it and hate where Fox decided to end it, they made a follow-up movie called Serenity. Thats it, since my life has nothing else going on. I feel i should post of funny camp happenings, but thats for another day. I know very few people read this and even less comment, but I want at least one person to comment on what the beginning of this post is a reference to. To me this seems too much like YouTube, but thats one of the things I'm addicted to, also ice cream with magic shell.

-Gliteriffic Ostrich

I'm so sorry. My Cohorts are Stupid.

I'm so so very sorry that my fellow bloggers have abandonder you throughout these past three weeks. As you know I left for camp, but I thought I left you lot in good hands. Obviously, I was wrong. Seeing as they haven't posted a single thing.

To make up for it I'll tell you about camp.

So my nerdy friends thought it would be hilarious (which it is) to put " my pants" or "...from the back" after things we said and " bed" after fortune cookie sayings for example I got "he who loves you will follow bed" and Running Bronie got "your contribution is bed" you can see the hilarity.

-Floating Penguin

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I'm on my way to nerd camp right now! I shall get back on the 20th of July. I shall miss you my small group of readers very, VERY much! Bye bye now

-Floating Penguin

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Puppy and Some Roses Awwwe...not.

Hello world! I'm sorry you've been deprived of our awesomeness for so long, but Glitterific Ostrich is at camp, Purple Cupcake Monster is traveling and visiting her family, and I...well I haven't had many note worthy things happen to me, but tomorrow is Sunday and you shall be receiving our crazy phrases. Anyway, so I have a puppy named Mabel and she'll put anything she can find in her mouth. Such as: leaves, rocks, sticks, twigs, pinecones, broken porcelain, dolls, pens, markers, pencils, headphones, bottles, bananas (which are her favorite), magnets, banana peels, and poop.

So today my dad comes home from the store and he got my mum some flowers. She's putting them up in a vase and trimming them, and pouring the little nutrition packet in there with them. My dad is standing over the sink eating some water melon, and we're all within 3 feet of each other. A rose leaf falls off of the counter and lands on the floor just as Mabel walks up. Naturally she decides it's a good idea to put it in her mouth. My mum has the plant nutrition chemicals on her hand so she can't dig it outta Mabel's mouth and tells us that someone needs to get it out. She looks at me, so my father thinks it was directed at me specifically so he just keeps eating watermelon. i kneel down and try to fish it out of her mouth. She is being very difficult and doesn't want me to take her "treat" away, so I start laughing at my inability to do this. I utter "help me" and no one moves, so I keep laughing making it near impossible to get it. My parents keep giving me instructions like "hurry" and "swipe her tongue". I'm still laughing and Mabel's trying to get away so I have to hold her face open with one hand, "swipe her tongue" with the other, and hold her still with my knees. Eventually I get it out and fling it on the floor before throwing away the limp, slobber covered leaf. Ew.

-Floating Penguin