Thursday, August 2, 2012

Random Shlit

Recently, I went to dance "camp". It wasn't a camp like what the cheerleaders go to, it was just to learn the choreography. Anyways, one of the days, our supervisor was talking to someone & mentioned Violent Butterfly's mom. She said that his mom got a job at LHS & he was gonna go there. I freaked out because he is kinda annoying. So, that Friday, Purple Cupcake Monster & I went to see The Wolves in the Walls, a play that Floating Penguin was helping backstage in. While we were waiting for the play to start, I told her about what happened to Violent Butterfly & she decided to ask him if it was true, since she tolerated him. This sentence is off topic, but in the play, they had cupcakes & didn't eat them on stage & I told PCM & she looked so shocked. At intermission, one of the characters sat by us & she asked her if the cupcakes were real & they were. She told me "I told you" & confused the girl. Anyways, back to the main topic. After FLoating Penguin finished cleaning up the set & came to meet us & Man Who Does Not Exist, we told her the news & she was excited. PCM still didn't get why we liked this & we had to explain that we still didn't fully forgive him for the thing he did, but she had already forgiven him for it. The next day, we went to Floating Penguin's grandparents house for breakfast & went to get CC's coffee with Cellular Dodo. On the way back, we saw Violent Butterfly. After we talked a little bit, we headed back. Floating Penguin then said that she would miss him, but I said that I still had mixed feelings (The entire walk to CC's was recorded in a podcast by Floating Penguin). Yesterday, I decided to put some nail stickers on. They turned out to have butterflies on them. I noticed this after I put some of them on & declared that I subconsciously miss him. Second story: Our history square consists of Sargent McChicken Bites, Buttery Blueberry, Floating Penguin & I. We have been meaning to get together since Buttery Blueberry & I got back from camp. Then Floating Penguin went to camp. When she got back, we tried to get together & it failed. Yesterday I noticed that over the summer I got to see FP & I saw Buttery Blueberry at camp. Floating Penguin got to see me Friday & went on a date with Buttery Blueberry on Thursday. I then noticed that I have only seen the people in our history square that are staying at AES & haven't seen Sargent McChicken Bites, who is switching schools. This is sad.

-Gliteriffic Ostrich

P.S.- I got "Shlit" from a video from YouTuber Onision. You should look him up. But don't if you aren't a fan of excessive cursing.

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