Sunday, February 26, 2012

Almost bi-weekly issue of odd things I say

It's Sunday, and you know what that means: I tell you the stupid junk I said the past few weeks!!
Walking around during PE, talking about random junk:
"Nothing, nothing, nothing, STRAP!"
"Yes, you are a baby giraffe"
"My laughter will kill the world"
"Woosh. The arrow shot you to the wall?"
"My soul is an orb"
"I DON'T KNOW WHERE  THE MUSHR-oh there's the mushroom"
"What's the prairie dog show?" 

At Purple Cupcake Monster's house:
FP: "this smells good…"
PCM: "what does it smell like?"
FP: "a fl-ow-ha"
"Yes, I'll drug my parents and stay here forevers and evers"

Umm...I'm just gonna go with "Other" here...
"Load my demon friend"
"nope, no chinchilla coats"
"What hat? Oh that hat! No one cares about that hat"

-Floating Penguin

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Partying Partying, Yeah! Fun Fun Fun...

On Friday I (Floating Penguin) hosted a party, with the help of Glitterific Ostrich. We invited a bunch of friends. 7 girls, 7 guys. It was awesome. As soon as three guys showed up my front yard was covered in plastic cups and a plastic hat. The five of us went in my back yard and K fell in love with my rope swing. He then proclaimed that he had cetaceaphobia and we were like "what the hell is that?" apparently it's the fear of whales...and then we all became whales... Eventually more people started showing up, therefore more whales. They discovered an old, and I mean OLD swing I had. The boards are moldy and the frame is rusty. Six people piled on it!
And that's not all! After that we played a giant game of truth or dare. Most people picked dare. There was a lot of kissing on the cheek and shouting at pedestrians. Finally the parade reached our general area. We went down and K bought a squid hat (maybe to ward off stray whales?) My cousin, L, came cos he was bored. I reunited him with his birth father, K. This is them.
It started raining, no one really cared, in fact we liked it! The top, and only the top, of my pony tail was soaked. All of our hair was sticking to our faces, and yet when we got back to my house we wanted to stay outside and get rained on while continuing truth or dare. Unfortunately the parents started showing up soon, so people started leaving, no one wanted to leave. one of my best friends (known by Zombie Slayer from here on out) was the first to leave and she was very sad. We all decided that we need to do this again, so the next one is at ZS's house. XP.
-Floating Penguin

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So y'all remember my post titled "7:17" right? Well now it's 7:29 and my mum is STILL in her pajamas. Not only that, but she lost her anckle brace and was looking all over for it and finally she tells me and my dad to help her look for it. So my dad follows her down the hall to her room and the bathroom, I, on the other hand, turn and go the opposite direction to check the den. Guess what I found! Her anckle brace. The first place I look and the one place she didn't look. This is not the first time I find something for her in the first place I look. -FP

Saturday, February 11, 2012

No fair, you got the one with the babies on it

Whilst at the awesome Rio parade with PCM, I was blessed to loose all feeling in my toes due to the 30 degre weather. And since it's Mardi Gras, you have to scream the loudest, which is very easy for PCM. After about 5 minutes, she had a ton of beads. It wasn't until I started screaming a little more, I started to catch up to her. Once we were both had about the same number of beads, I caught a really cool bead. It had a bunch of blue king cake babies on it. PCM was quite upset because I had a better necklace than her. I hope to wear this tomorrow when I help her & FP make Valentines day stuff. -Glitteriffic Ostrich

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Don't Know You...

So I'm at a Mardi Gras ball right now, and every time a song that Purple Cupcake Monster knows plays in the background she starts singing and dancing and screaming, and I'm just like "ok cool I, uh, I don't know you..." -Floating Penguin