Sunday, February 26, 2012

Almost bi-weekly issue of odd things I say

It's Sunday, and you know what that means: I tell you the stupid junk I said the past few weeks!!
Walking around during PE, talking about random junk:
"Nothing, nothing, nothing, STRAP!"
"Yes, you are a baby giraffe"
"My laughter will kill the world"
"Woosh. The arrow shot you to the wall?"
"My soul is an orb"
"I DON'T KNOW WHERE  THE MUSHR-oh there's the mushroom"
"What's the prairie dog show?" 

At Purple Cupcake Monster's house:
FP: "this smells good…"
PCM: "what does it smell like?"
FP: "a fl-ow-ha"
"Yes, I'll drug my parents and stay here forevers and evers"

Umm...I'm just gonna go with "Other" here...
"Load my demon friend"
"nope, no chinchilla coats"
"What hat? Oh that hat! No one cares about that hat"

-Floating Penguin

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