Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mr. Phephernoose and Evil Pigeon Queen

Those are 2 of my father (Rong Jon)'s older sister(Jomma Cuervo)'s kids. EPQ older than me, MP younger than me, and Sugar Plum Farrie (boy, youngest). They happened to be in Gulf Shores at the same time as us and I spent the whole day with them. We went to a hippe shop. I bought 2 buttons that said "I'm schizophrenic and so am I" "Normal people frighten me". She bought one that said "I'm not normal". They're all true of course. And then we went to a souvenire shop, and me and her each bought a small stuffed animal. Jomma Cuervo told us to hide our dolls cos Sugar Plum Farrie would steal them from us. So I shoved my panda up my shirt; and I say "yeah, I'm weird, I don't care. Get over it". Mr. Phephernoose responded to this asking who said that and Evil Pigeon Queen said "the girl with the panga up her shirt". The night before EPQ realized I was a year older than she thought and made me hug her, when I scooted back to the edge of the bed she started saying "it seems like just yesterday you were-" then I proceeded to fall off the side of her bed in a big, completely ungraceful tumble. We laughed our heads off. I popped up and said "it seems like just yesterday I was what?" yeah, it totally killed the moment, but it made its own new moment. That's all I have to say on the topic.

-Floating Penguin

Monday, May 28, 2012

I. Hate. Cockroaches.

Seriously. If I had to pick one thing on this earth that I utterly despise it would be cockroaches. They freak me out and terrify me. Believe me, I'm a strong girl, there's a lot I can take, but those are my kryptonite. So last night I found one in my room, my dad chased it...into my closet. So I slept in the living room. It was okay cos I knew we were leaving today to go on vacation. The next morning I go into my room to find a different one by the door. My father refuses to do anything about this one. However, my mum promises me that the place we are going doesn't come with cockroaches. I enter the room I'm staying in to find YET ANOTHER ONE ON MY WALL. I almost lost it. My dad managed to chase it out of my room though...why do they hate me?

-Floating Penguin

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Glitterific Ostrich is going away to camp soon and se asked me to write her a letter so that she'll have one when she gets there. She said it has to have something in it, but it can be total gibberish. So I wrote it in Japanese. She'll love that. On a different note, remember how I said I was hanging out with Legendary Cat again? (Of course you don't no one reads this) Well he lied to me and told me that Buttery Blueberry and Cetaphobic Squid don't like me, or Purple Cupcake Monster, or Glitterific Ostrich. That just didn't sit right with me, so I did some investigation and, yeah. Legendary Cat has not changed one bit. If he's a legendary cat, maybe he's a prince. Well the prince of cats is Tybalt from Romeo and Juliet and he died, by stabbing. Enjoy :)

-Floating Penguin

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Well it's Thursday, we're reporting live from Boston! Our whole grade took a trip there and they ship us back to Louisiana tomorrow so short recap: Monday-second flight was delayed so we got to Boston late, but we got to see some bronzed trash, a traffic come in a tree, a crazy lady yell at us, we went to an Italian restaraunt and the lady callede cute cos I spoke in Italian to her. Also while in the airport I found out that Awkward Owl and Legendary Cat watch Studio Ghibli junk so yay. And Glitterific Ostrich is mad at us (Purple Cupcake Monster and I) so that's fun. And yeah, we're hanging out with the two guys I mentioned earlier now. And on Teusdai- we went to Salem so that was cool. Wednesday-science museum, got a plush Dino for my unborn cousin, Quincy Market got creepy and nerdy junk, and Blue Man Group!! but I got covered in bananas... And today on Thursday- we are in a mall and me, Purple Cupcake Monster, and Legendary Cat ran into a store and were like "what year is it???" and that kinda stuff and we confused the guy there. It was fun.
-Floating Penguin

Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's Been Way Too Many Sundays Since I Did This.

Yeah, you know what I mean...

Cellular Dodo:
Texting me:
"Ya I can see cause u keep interrupting me and I have to stop" 

Talking like an old man:
"Oh why am I talking like an old man?"
"Oh hish nish phints oh propel unpropel"

Doing something stupid with me:
"Aw fudge nipples"
"That's my new thing, fudge nipples"

Trying to eat a hard boiled egg:
"Damn it you stupid eggshell! Peeeel"

Apparently remembering a time when the persone he was talking to was suffocating him (me? One of our baby cousins??):
"You were suffocating me, remember?"

Floating Penguin:
Making dinner with my dad:
"I don't go all Jedi on my rice"

Talking to my cousin:
"where are your pants?"

Talking to my dog:
"you're not a squirrel!"
"stop eating twigs and pine cones!"

Finding out both of my ex's like My Little Ponies...:
"I'm gonna leave behind a trail of bronies!"

I don't even know:
"what the frog?!?!?"

Walks into bedroom. Father says "she just re-entered her room" in a somewhat ominous tone. I attempt to say "never to emerge" but I started to lie down on my bed and my abs are REALLY sore cos of a number of things (PE, dancing, & swimming) so it came out more like:
"never to e-aaaayhh!!"

-Floating Penguin.