Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's Been Way Too Many Sundays Since I Did This.

Yeah, you know what I mean...

Cellular Dodo:
Texting me:
"Ya I can see cause u keep interrupting me and I have to stop" 

Talking like an old man:
"Oh why am I talking like an old man?"
"Oh hish nish phints oh propel unpropel"

Doing something stupid with me:
"Aw fudge nipples"
"That's my new thing, fudge nipples"

Trying to eat a hard boiled egg:
"Damn it you stupid eggshell! Peeeel"

Apparently remembering a time when the persone he was talking to was suffocating him (me? One of our baby cousins??):
"You were suffocating me, remember?"

Floating Penguin:
Making dinner with my dad:
"I don't go all Jedi on my rice"

Talking to my cousin:
"where are your pants?"

Talking to my dog:
"you're not a squirrel!"
"stop eating twigs and pine cones!"

Finding out both of my ex's like My Little Ponies...:
"I'm gonna leave behind a trail of bronies!"

I don't even know:
"what the frog?!?!?"

Walks into bedroom. Father says "she just re-entered her room" in a somewhat ominous tone. I attempt to say "never to emerge" but I started to lie down on my bed and my abs are REALLY sore cos of a number of things (PE, dancing, & swimming) so it came out more like:
"never to e-aaaayhh!!"

-Floating Penguin.

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