Thursday, May 10, 2012

Well it's Thursday, we're reporting live from Boston! Our whole grade took a trip there and they ship us back to Louisiana tomorrow so short recap: Monday-second flight was delayed so we got to Boston late, but we got to see some bronzed trash, a traffic come in a tree, a crazy lady yell at us, we went to an Italian restaraunt and the lady callede cute cos I spoke in Italian to her. Also while in the airport I found out that Awkward Owl and Legendary Cat watch Studio Ghibli junk so yay. And Glitterific Ostrich is mad at us (Purple Cupcake Monster and I) so that's fun. And yeah, we're hanging out with the two guys I mentioned earlier now. And on Teusdai- we went to Salem so that was cool. Wednesday-science museum, got a plush Dino for my unborn cousin, Quincy Market got creepy and nerdy junk, and Blue Man Group!! but I got covered in bananas... And today on Thursday- we are in a mall and me, Purple Cupcake Monster, and Legendary Cat ran into a store and were like "what year is it???" and that kinda stuff and we confused the guy there. It was fun.
-Floating Penguin

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