Thursday, December 29, 2011

Adorable Kittens
These kittens appear to want food, but in the darkest corners of your mind, you know that they are longing for the sweet taste of human flesh. And when you and your family are asleep, they will come in and eat you alive in a slow, extremely painful death. Though, when you attempt to shake them off, their grip on your skin becomes stronger. Yet, this is only step one of their plan. Step two involves raising a flesh-eating kitten army that will be used to take over the world. Then us humans will become their slaves. But, eventually the four head kittens will fight over power and this will lead to the end of all life on this planet that we call Earth. Then all that is left of the planet will fall to the aliens. I hope that you sleep well tonight, my friends and that the kittens will decide to skip your house in their flesh-eating rampage.

-Glitteriffic Ostrich

Nerd Herd

You know you live in a family of nerds when your dad randomly, for no apparent reason, blurts out "Steven Moffat", and even HE doesn't know why he said it.
P.S. If you get the title of this post and you get the reason saying Steven Moffat is nerdy, then you are a nerd too.
-Floating Penguin

Monday, December 26, 2011

Sister's Boyfriend

Tonight we had Christmas dinner with my dad's side of the family and my sister had one of her guy friends come over. My grandmother had drank more wine then usual and asked my sister how long she had been dating him. Everyone started laughing. Confused? My sister's friend is gay. Awkward thing to explain to the grandmother......

-Purple Cupcake Monster

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Updated: Flightless birds

Glitterific Ostrich I have a question for you: why are both of our suedonyms flightless birds?
-Floating Penguin

*Updated*: My dear Floating Penguin, I do not know why this is so

-Gliterific Ostrich

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Flightless birds

Glitterific Ostrich I have a question for you: why are both of our suedonyms flightless birds?
-Floating Penguin

Friday, December 23, 2011

My Messed-Up Sister

While watching the Grinch with my siblings, my sister decides jumps on me. She then procedes to attempt to bite me. To get her to stop, I take her into the other room and try and talk to her. I told her that if she bit me one more time that night that I would tell my parents to take away her biggest present. This scared her, so she listened. So now instead if biting me, she bites herself. Oh, how I love my family.

-Glitterific Ostrich

Santa phone message

Purple Cupcake Monster sent me a message from Santa this morning, I then took it upon myself to send my two little cousins one. They loved it. I then proceeded to send my eleven-year-old cousin one, saying that he had been a very good public nuisance and wanted a pair of jeggings delivered to him in his house in the middle of nowhere. For some reason, that I cannot possibly fathom, he did not appreciate it. Can anyone explain to me why he did not love it?
-Floating Pengiun

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dialation Consparicy

I officially don't like the eye doctor. It took forever to get my eyes dialated, and now i cant see anything, so im pretty sure that im gonna mispell some things in this posdt. In addition to that, i think i herd a kid in the waiting room say, "next level, gay." Also there was a funny fish in the fish tank that ate the dirt and then spit it back out. Though all of this was after my dialation, so i blame that for everything bad and strange in life. So, its safe to say that if  you allow the eye doctor to dialate your eyes, nothing will ever get done and the world will explode.

-Glitterific Ostrich

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stupid guns & car horns

Yes, this is what I said when I walked into the living room to close the door so could read, in my room, about a guy getting a concussion and puking on his date. They were watching Breaking Bad and I was reading Looking for Alaska.
-Floating Penguin

Ridiculous Farmer Picture

That stupid picture of a screaming farmer is somewhat what started this whole "Cleavis spelled backwards"thing. Except it was a doodle one early moring, and we (me and Glitterific Ostrich) created a long backstory for the doodle and so Cleavis spelled backward, the cow, came into play in our lives.
-Floating Penguin 


Since I got two of my teeth pulled today, I'm hoping that the tooth fairy will come tonight and give me some money. If she doesn't, I will hunt her down and She. Will. Pay.

-Glitterific Ostrich

Beloved President

  JFK was an awful man. He did nothing for our country, hurt his family, and is famous for being killed. He does not deserve to be on a coin. He certainly isn't as bad as Andrew Jackson or FDR, but he's still pretty bad. Just felt like saying that being the history nut I am. So yeah....

~ Purple Cupcake Monster

Welcome To The Insanity

Now the mass insanity that is our brains shall be placed on this blog. Though only a small portion, or your brain shall explode.
-Glitterific Ostrich

Cleavis Spelled Backward (sivaelc)

Cleavis Spelled Backward (A.K.A. sivaelc) is a blog that we have created to share with you the radioactive insanity that is our day-to-day lives.
-Floating Penguin