Thursday, December 29, 2011

Adorable Kittens
These kittens appear to want food, but in the darkest corners of your mind, you know that they are longing for the sweet taste of human flesh. And when you and your family are asleep, they will come in and eat you alive in a slow, extremely painful death. Though, when you attempt to shake them off, their grip on your skin becomes stronger. Yet, this is only step one of their plan. Step two involves raising a flesh-eating kitten army that will be used to take over the world. Then us humans will become their slaves. But, eventually the four head kittens will fight over power and this will lead to the end of all life on this planet that we call Earth. Then all that is left of the planet will fall to the aliens. I hope that you sleep well tonight, my friends and that the kittens will decide to skip your house in their flesh-eating rampage.

-Glitteriffic Ostrich


  1. What happened to "...though only a small portion or your brain shall explode"?

  2. What do you mean by that statement?