Saturday, September 8, 2012

We Could be a Soap Opera

Once upon a time there a faire maden named Floating Penguin. She endevored to be a bard with her dear cousin Cellular Dodo. As they were writing atop the scecond story of their grandmother's house with FP's family friend Silent Therapist (she's an awful therapist) CD told the story of how he was friend zoned by his love, Friendzoning Fish. There was then proclaiming that FP and Spastic Guppy both knew that that would happen. CD said he wanted to get a girlfriend before SG did, just so he could rub it in his face. FP proceeded to call a multitude of her friends to see if one of them would date CD. Eventually one agreed to. You know her, you might love her, our very own Glitterific Ostrich! That was entertaining. During the process of FP trying to find CD a girlfriend he proclaimed that he would try to get FP to date SG. Why? We're not sure. However, we do know that SG might probably have a secret crush on the faire maiden Floating Penguin.  She eventually gave into his demands and agreed to try it. However! Spastic Guppy wanted to date someone "his own age". I would like to now point out that FP and GO and PCM are all a good 18 months older than CD and SG. FP was relieved not to have to deal with all of that. A few days later CD dumped GO for similar reasons. The lot of us had a good laugh about this and CD DID manage to make SG jealous with his older woman. 

-Floating Penguin 

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