Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Puppy and Some Roses Awwwe...not.

Hello world! I'm sorry you've been deprived of our awesomeness for so long, but Glitterific Ostrich is at camp, Purple Cupcake Monster is traveling and visiting her family, and I...well I haven't had many note worthy things happen to me, but tomorrow is Sunday and you shall be receiving our crazy phrases. Anyway, so I have a puppy named Mabel and she'll put anything she can find in her mouth. Such as: leaves, rocks, sticks, twigs, pinecones, broken porcelain, dolls, pens, markers, pencils, headphones, bottles, bananas (which are her favorite), magnets, banana peels, and poop.

So today my dad comes home from the store and he got my mum some flowers. She's putting them up in a vase and trimming them, and pouring the little nutrition packet in there with them. My dad is standing over the sink eating some water melon, and we're all within 3 feet of each other. A rose leaf falls off of the counter and lands on the floor just as Mabel walks up. Naturally she decides it's a good idea to put it in her mouth. My mum has the plant nutrition chemicals on her hand so she can't dig it outta Mabel's mouth and tells us that someone needs to get it out. She looks at me, so my father thinks it was directed at me specifically so he just keeps eating watermelon. i kneel down and try to fish it out of her mouth. She is being very difficult and doesn't want me to take her "treat" away, so I start laughing at my inability to do this. I utter "help me" and no one moves, so I keep laughing making it near impossible to get it. My parents keep giving me instructions like "hurry" and "swipe her tongue". I'm still laughing and Mabel's trying to get away so I have to hold her face open with one hand, "swipe her tongue" with the other, and hold her still with my knees. Eventually I get it out and fling it on the floor before throwing away the limp, slobber covered leaf. Ew.

-Floating Penguin

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