Saturday, April 7, 2012


So...I'm sick. For those of you who feel attached to me it's nothing serious, but hatters gonna hate, and if you feel that strongly for me and need to hate, hate on Buttery Blueberry. I'm pretty sure he's to blame for this. "Blame Buttery Blueberry". On a note that is no lighter than this one: Glitterific Ostrich and Purple Cupcake Monster have abandoned me during this spring break of ours. They have ventured north and left me to rot down here in desease ridden Louisiana. I have occupied my lonely time by painting various surfaces. First I painted an originally bright pink flower and I would totaly put in a photo of it, but my phone's being an idiot so there! It's sorta a blackish-greyish-pinkish color. And I painted on a canvas (I'm trying to paint a rose, but the background was taking too long to dry) and since I got bored I painted my nails bright yeah. That was my day.
-Floating Penguin

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