Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sleep Juggling Kittens

So Yesterday during History class Buttery Blueberry,Glitterific Ostrich, Sargent McChiken Bites, and I were having various conversations while trying to find important people and vocab words in the chapter. So we're all pretty much on the same page with the words (no pun intended) and I think we were looking for religious fervor and randomly Buttery Blueberry blurts out
"my arms really hurt and I have no idea why"
and I say something along the lines of "well what did you do?"
BB "I don't know"
FP "well we're you...I don't know eating kittens?"
GO "I don't think eating kittens would hurt your arms"
SMCB "Juggling kittens would hurt your arms though"
BB "I don't remember juggling any kittens"
GO "maybe it was in your sleep"
BB "sleep juggling kittens? Hmm..."
FP "I'm pretty sure sleep juggling kittens would hurt your arms"
GO "yes, it would"
FP *writes Sleep Kitten Juggling on her hand to remind her to write a post about it later*
We all laughted and went about our merry way. And I don't really know why I started talking in third person for a minute there, but ok.
-Floating Penguin

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