Saturday, April 14, 2012

No New Pseudonyms, I'm Too Lazy

Please excuse my absence, I have been in Colorado & it's terrible reception limits the amount of time that I can get on the Internet. But fear not, I shall try to summaries my wels adventure. Out of all the 3 days that I went skiing, I only fell once & that was because of the terrible conditions. While I was going to the chair lift, I hit a ice/water puddle that my skis got stuck in. I shot forward & hurt most of my body. This next part was super stupid. I decided to text my old friend L, right now, I'm too lazy to create a pseudonym. When I decided to pull a prank on him. I texted him saying that I have the body, but it's all cut up. Them I asked him how I was supposed to taxidermise it & he took it seriously & said that he called the police. This caused me to freak out, so I contacted Floating Penguin & asked her for help. (she had to explain to me that he was joking, Zombie slayer and her had already been there done that with Umbrella Theif) She went all out on him. He then decides that he'll "call off the police" if I send him pics of me. When I tell FP bout this, she gets at him about how blackmail is the only way that he could ever get a girl, which scares him & he backs off. He then repays my by getting a video of himself in ropes saying that he's sorry. I think it's petty, but it's on his Facebook. That's about all that happened to me over break, but I did get my graduation dress, which looks amazing.

-Glitterific Ostrich

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