Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I, the Extremely Tall Person, Shall Hide Behind You, the Average Sized Person

The past few days have been exhausting. The CIA finally found me & forgave me about the mission. I just got back from HQ in Atlantis & I would love to tell you what happened, but they won't let me. (I tried to tell them that I was going to tell only a few people, but they didn't believe me.) instead I will tell you what they told me to tell everyone.
Friday: I was blessed to go to the high school dance with Floating Penguin & Purple Cupcake Monster. On our way to FP's house & the gym, PCM sat in my little sisters booster seat, which my mom was fine about. When we got there a sophomore, who shall be nicknamed Pedo Sr., decided to mess with Bottomless Pit & his friend, Torlet Munster, which I think might have scared them. Also, FP's buddy's boyfriend, Wild Monkey on Steroids, decided to join our group of people. While Bottomless Pit hid behind PCM & covered his eyes, Torlet Munster was chased by WMoS around the gym. There were other funny things that happened at the dance, but that's to many to name. PCM & I then got to sleep over at FP's house & PCM was the first to go to sleep. FP & I then had the idea to play loud music in her ear to try & wake her up. This didn't work, so FP said to just leave her & we went to sleep in the living room.
Saturday: Somehow, PCM woke up in the middle of the night & came & found us. When FP & I woke up, we found her & FP tried to wake her up. First she threw a pillow at her & when that didn't work she said that we had food & she instantly sat up. After we finally got situated, she told us that. In her dream, we died. There was also a blessing from above. We were rewarded to clean out PCM's binder & create a heart. The heart was fun to make, but the binder wasn't that fun. One of the things that I said bout babies is mentioned in FP's most recent post. Sunday: Nothing, absolutely nothing.
Monday:I can confess that I don't remember what happened.
Today: Weirdest dream, my school was becoming posh & had extended the library staircase into the ground. I ended up getting lost in this weird old brick thing with Shiny Feather & as we tried to escape, she knocked down our way out & ended up working out with Goldfish & some train sets. I actually slept in while this was going on & when my mom came to my room to see if I was awake, I jumped. The rest of my day is a jumble of learning that I can't remember half of. So there is my past few days as the CIA told me to tell everyone. I shall also post a picture of our giant, trashy (literally) heart as soon as it is fully assembled.
-Glitteriffic Ostrich
P.S.- This title refers to when Bottomless Pit hid behind Purple Cupcake Monster

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