Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why did I say this? Extended Version Featuring Cellular Dodo

With my cousin Cellular Dodo

Our conversations:
CD: "Look, it's not gonna destroy the ozone lair"
CD: "But you can save my sole"
FP:  "Why would I want to save your shoe?"

FP: "I would help you, but she sneezed all over the folders"
CD: "Did she just say duh dun daaaaa?" *dramatic voice*

CD: "I'm gonna go to the bathroom"
FP: "You have fun with that"

CD: "What if I'm dieing and my entire life is flashing before my eyes?"
CD: "Respond to that right now"
FP: "Wait what?"
-Floating Penguin (with special guest Cellular Dodo)

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