Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Happens When You Get Bored at 10am at Your Grandma's House

Playing with a lighter: Cellular Dodo “If I turned this thing upside down would it blow up?” “Fire!” he had fire but then saying fire made it go out “You’re right. I am breathing too much.” 
“Woah, you don’t have to do it, then hold it, but you can also hold it then do it” “Imagine that in slow motion, you just see spit flying out” Playing with a xylophone: Cellular Dodo “While I annoyingly play an alligator xylophone” “Damn keys won’t work” Drops xylophone “Xli-pone bitch” Floating Penguin “How do you spell xylophone? Cause I just spelled it xli-pone” Getting a pen: Floating Penguin “Die die die die die” She was talking to a pen “Sucsess! Wait is that blue?” “Wait that sounds like I was having a pregnancy test” Making icecream: Cellular Dodo “That’s an expiration date all right” “Yeah squirt that Hershey’s syrup everywhere” “meow meow meow yeah I can be a bitch” Floating Penguin “Who’s fingers can fit in there” “Where’d ya put the...nevermind” FP: “how’d it get way over there?” CD: “It jerked up” -Floating Penguin

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